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I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of incredible projects that I’m pleased to share. Not only do I enjoy showcasing my work, but also sharing details about the creative process behind each project. Feel free to browse through my portfolio, and get in touch if you have a project in mind that you’d like to explore together.



The culmination of my deep passion for music and enthusiasm for design and interaction brought me to my final year at Northumbria University with my final project of "Musical Branches". Combining construction and interaction and making use of my musical background, drumming. My time with university and independent work has given me the inspiration to explore and experiment with many different genres, taking opportunities to investigate new spheres of design. I am now in a very advantageous position where I have industries interested in the talents I have developed through my time at university and work experience. I have been worked freelance for companies such as Silverstream Ltd, or Vpress who were looking for new design inspiration, and have gone on to recommend me to others. I have been working part-time as a design/developer for Steamforged Games since the start of November 2018 and experienced I have reveled in.

Outside of University and Design work  I am a heavily experienced Drummer with my grades under my belt and experience performing in large scale brass bands which I am fortunate to have taken me to places across Europe. I now aspire to use my 10+ years of experience to teach younger fellow percussionists.  I have a passion for swimming and have experience in Scuba diving, something I am keen to take forward as a skill.



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Film Reel: Designing a Website

A web publishing project, Film Reel is a website which specialises in "Behind the Lens" videos/documentaries on popular Films and TV shows. Showing passionate fans the creation process for some of their favorite TV shows such as; Top Gear, Walking Dead and Peaky Blinders with emphasis on providing an experience to users on what it was like to work on the sets and encourage community discussions.


Large scale group project creating a 2D video game.

Lost Isles was a group game project to create an explorative 2.5D action adventure sidescroller video game.
Inspired by exisitng game titles that had complex and interconnective worlds.
This was a very large project that I assisted with, constructing the level design, coming up with the mechanics for the game and creating the music to immerse the player.


A Digital Guide for NHS Heartwood Hospital

Heart to Heart was the culmination of research, app design, user investigation and video creation for a collaboration project with the NHS Heartwood hospital. The project goal was to provide a trimmed down and user-friendly version of the information booklets that were given out to patients who are preparing for heart or lung transplant surgery.


Creating a new and unique tangible musical experience.

The Musical Branches was one part university module and one part passion project due to a deep affiliation with music I have had since the age of 12. My aim was to combine interaction design with my passion for music to create a unique, atmospheric and immersive musical experience.

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Industry Experience

Outside of project work for University I have gained valuable experience working for different companies across the UK, local to myself and down in London.

To find out more information about my work experience...



Feel free to contact me to learn more, I am always accessible and happy to meet new people and gain new experience.




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